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This is a unique vegan protein blend, sweetend with stevia. Healthy alternate to animal based protein, no artificial flavours, colors, or sweeteners. Perfect for people who need protein but are vegans, 3600mg BCAA per scoop. We only use high quality ingredients. Most companies use low quality ingredients which don't work well. Our products have the strongest possible legal ingredients! 100% satisfaction! bodybuilding, max reps, abdominal work out, for abs workout, workout shoulders
Veg-Pro - Black Alpha Supplements
Veg-Pro - Black Alpha Supplements


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Need nutritional value but want to conserve your environment? Then Black Alpha has created the perfect product called VEG-PRO for your delight. It is made of a proprietary blend of flavors along with no artificial ingredients to ensure your energy for any type of training is top notch. You'll get a great and efficient dose of key energy-serving ingredients such as trytophane, valine, and BCAAs.