Does it work?!

The main question everyone asks himself when buying supplements, do they actually work?!

Our founders are not just some random guys who decided to start a supplements brand. CEO & Founder Noah Ruehli was a professional athlete in athletics for over 12 years before switching to bodybuilding. Co-owner and CMO Fritz Colcol earned his pro card in men's physique after years of competing. 

So why was Black Alpha Supplements founded?

Let's be honest, 99% of the supplements on the market don't do shit! They don't work at all. You expect great results and work your ass off in the gym but nothing really happens. Black Alpha Supplements only uses hardcore ingredients. Means that we only use the strongest legal possible ingredients you can find on this planet!
This of course leads to the best possible legal results. In fact, we only have 100% satisfied customers worldwide! National champions in bodybuilding, national record holders in bench pressing, football players of the NFL, strongmans... They all use our supplements! 

Every single of our products is designed to LOSE FAT!

It's impossible to gain fat with any of our current products. Even the protein is made with a natural sweetener. All these whey proteins you see out there have so much sugar, they actually gain fat!

If our supplements don't work after 30 days we will pay you $5000 in cash!

YES, you heard right! We are so confident because we tested our supplements for such a long time with athletes and studies that if our supplements don't work after 30 days, we will simply pay you $5000 in cash. If this is the case and they didn't work for you send us an email to